Gambling in Ancient Era Part 2

In ancient Rome, gambling was rampant among slaves and even their masters who used to indulge in gambling practices for fun and pleasure. Soon it spread to the emperors who also got addicted to the joy of gambling.

If you trace the histories of ancient China, Egypt and Islam, you will find that gambling was practiced in these parts as well. No matter what continent or country you look into, you will find a history of gambling. The only difference is that in ancient times, the laws were stricter, and those who gambled were punished to set an example for others. Gambling was so widespread that thdownload-10e people in those times used it to determine “gods answer” to certain questions and settle disputes among themselves.

The game of keno was originally founded in ancient China, a game in which cards are used to determine luck and chance. These cards were numbered from 1 to 80 in squares. You can circle certain numbers and based on the results of the lottery, the winner was decided. The person with the lucky number would win the lottery. Originally, the game was called “white pigeon ticket” and its origin can be traced back to almost 2000 years.

The permission of the Province Governor was required before the game could be played, and it was allowed to be played inside gambling houses only. The governor would receive a percentage of the profits. This is pretty much like the current scenario where casinos have to obtain the permission of the government, and pay them taxes. The Chinese also had other gambling games like the one with cards with human forms on them, and the one involving tiles.

It seems that gambling has deep roots in society and goes back as long as the advent of money itself.

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