The Organic Growth of Poker – 18th Century

As mentioned earlier, games of luck and chance have not been properly documented over the ages, and the same case is also true for Poker. Most scholars agree thapoker-game-264599_960_720t the game originated in the late 17th to early 18th century somewhere in Persia, the area that corresponds today roughly to Iran.

Poker seemed to have grown in popularity slowly and organically. It took several decades before it took the world by storm. Several card games are responsible for the birth of poker. Along with Persia, several historians believe that the final version of Poker that people know and play today originated from a French game called Poque. There are several similarities between the two.

In the year 1829, an English doctor by the name of Joseph Crowell discovered that a game that was very similar to poker was being played by some men in New Orleans. It is therefore considered the official birth year of the game.

It wasn’t until the world tournaments of poker that were being organised by the biggest casinos of Las Vegas that the game finally took off. The year was 1970 when the first world tournament of poker was set up and from that day onward, there was no looking back.

A few decades later, technology and particularly Internet took the game of poker to a whole new level. Gamblers from all over the world were now participating in online poker from the comfort of their home. This further fueled the popularity of the game. Televised events were also being organised to take advantage of the growing popularity of the TV. Soon poker became a household name across the world and led to several casinos in the world to adopt the game.

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