The story of Blackjack – 16th Century

Although there is some dispute as to the true origin of the game of Blackjack, most scholars are of the opinion that the game was founded somewhere in the mid-16th century. Some suggest that the game has its origins in a Spanish game called Ventiuna, however, others believe that the game has its origin in Tren-5857823720_f4eb48c9a2_bUn in the early 16th century.

Unfortunately, no one has a clear idea of how or from where the game originated as it was not properly documented. Hence, the inventors of the game have gone unnoticed and unaccredited in the pages of history. But this is not a rare sight. When it comes to inventors of games of luck and chance, you will notice that most of them have gone unnoticed. Maybe this is because back in the days, gambling was a taboo and considered wrong. Harsh punishments were met out to those who indulged in it and hence, it was often played in secret hideouts away from the city walls.

Blackjack later traveled to France where it was renamed to vingt-et-un in the 17th century. This French version of blackjack is largely considered to be the direct forefather of the current iteration of the current version of blackjack that you see at the casinos all over the world.

It was later renamed as Blackjack in the United States of America. This happened in the 1930s when the casino world was flourishing in the lands of Nevada near Las Vegas. In an attempt to attract more gamblers to the casino, a better odd of 10 to 1 was being offered by the casinos on blackjack. Special odds were offered if the player won with a blackjack of spades or clubs with an ace of spades. The promotion was temporary, however, the name caught on and still remains today.

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